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Behind every great coffee, there’s a great person. 

We believed in the power of a good brew and what that ritual does for your day.

So we started the experimentation in our kitchen. The result was this unique brewer filled with potential, giving us effortless, café quality coffee.

It was a road met with many challenges. With the love for good coffee and for like-minded coffee lovers like us, we believed in our mission. We believe in a mission beyond making a coffee press. We believe in a chance to thrive and create a meaningful life, for all. To add joy to someone's day. To embolden other aspiring entrepreneurs. A chance to give back to the world around us.

So, powered by caffeine and faith, we made Simpli Press for you.

Here's to you. Bring out the best in your day by enjoying each moment of your new ritual. The best in paying it forward, knowing your purchase supports women and children coffee farmers, as we honor each hand that touches it prior to yours. Bring out the best in life, by enjoying the moment and believing in all your possibilities.

We look forward to seeing what you will do with your ritual, your day, and your life. Let’s make it count together.

Own your ritual. Own your day.

<3 Jenni Morse, Simpli Press Inventor and Co-Founder

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How we got started

It started in our own kitchen, the love of our coffee ritual. We wanted to drink French press coffee every morning, but between brewing and cleanup time, it just wasn't possible. We also thought "There has to be a way to get all of those: the richness of espresso, the smoothness of a pour-over, and the full-body of a French press from one device without a messy cleanup.”

How we got here

It’s been a journey met with many challenges and sacrifice, powered with some really great coffee and a belief that we all deserve to have a taste of our dreams.

Along with a community of coffee and startup lovers, we kept going to get here and we will not stop here. There will be many changes and opportunities to evolve, just like life itself.

What we make

We think gourmet quality coffee should be accessible to everyone. We took the best thing about the traditional French press – the full-immersion and pressing method – then added to the ritual by redesigning the filtration and cleanup. The result is this powerful little coffee maker that makes a unique brew. With a pour-over and French press taste combined, the easy grounds disposal system removes the pain point of a French press, so anyone can now easily make gourmet coffee at home, every day.

Simpli Press means getting more out of life, and every brew.

Where we are going

Our dream is to inspire everyday people like us and give back to our communities. To add to the beauty of other’s lives, from our customers’ coffee ritual to the coffee farmers who make it all possible. Our purpose is to serve and give back to the world around us. Simpli Press is meant to inspire, reenergize, and connect. Our mission is to create a connection across cultures and across continents. As a company, Simpli Press is a vehicle to broaden our reach of giving back. Through good coffee, we want others to get more out of life and strive for their dreams. We believe everyone deserves a chance to pursue their purpose. .