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Your Simpli Press Ritual

Welcome to your new Simpli Press ritual!

We are excited to show you how to make the best out of your press.




What you will need:

Simpli Press

Hot Water

Coffee (Medium Grind)


Wooden Spoon

Weighing Scale

Step-by-step instructions:


To preheat, fill the Carafe with hot water or run it through the sink under hot water.

Empty the carafe before brewing.


Fill the Coffee Basket with the coffee. Make sure that the Coffee Basket is at the very bottom of the Glass Carafe.

Hot tip: Light and medium roasts taste delicious with Simpli Press.

The Coffee Grind


This is the grind that is also popular with most pour-overs and the consistency of sand.

The Ratio

We recommend a 1:15 Coffee to Water ratio.

When using the premeasured lines:

Inside the Coffee Basket and on the Glass Carafe, you will see two lines.

Use the correlating lines for brewing.

Lower line of Coffee Basket to lower line of Glass Carafe; Max line of Coffee Basket to Max line of Glass Carafe.

Fill below both lines, staying below the MAX line.

Consider these lines as your baseline and please do adjust to your preference (and roast).


Water Temperature: 200-205 degrees

Pour the water evenly over the grounds.

Hot tip: We love light to medium roasts (single origin) for Simpli Press.

*This is about 30 seconds to a minute after the boil. Do not use boiling water.

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Once you start pouring the water in the Glass Carafe, start your timer.

3 minute brew time for medium to medium-fine coffee.

Hot tip: Temperature controlled kettles make the brewing process even easier.


Stirring is a very important step for your new ritual.

Gently stir at the 2 minute and 1 minute mark.

Hot tip: Let the grounds settle before pressing.


Press down slowly into the Coffee Basket.

Stop right at the top of the Coffee Basket, then gently press into the Coffee Basket. Remember, a little press goes a long way!

Hot tip: If you face any resistance while pressing, simply lift the plunger up and back down again.

Pour out the brew first, then press some more, then pour some more.

Hot tip: Pour the Coffee out into your cups or another container to avoid over-extraction.

Completely empty out the carafe before lifting the Coffee Basket for cleaning

6. Enjoy your brew!

The most important part of the process.

So now that you have learned the Art of Brewing with Simpli Press, it is time to learn the Art of Cleaning Simpli Press.


Step-by-step instructions:

Although dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing your Simpli Press.

Press the Filter down firmly into the Coffee Basket.


Before lifting, completely empty the carafe of liquids.

Press the Filter down firmly into the Coffee Basket.

Hold the lid down with one hand as you pull the plunger up with the other hand.

Slowly lift up the plunger to pull the Filter and Coffee Basket system out of the carafe.

Tilt the Glass Carafe slightly when taking out the Filter and Coffee Basket.

Hot tip: If the Filter drops the Coffee Basket while lifting, simply press down again and lift back up.


To take the Smart Filter out of the Coffee Basket, hold the filter around the top part, tilt the filter slightly and pull the filter out slowly.

Repeat the tilt and pull method until you have the filter out. DO NOT pull the Coffee Basket directly “up” and out of the Filter.

Ho tip: If you are having a difficult time getting the Filter out, try running the Filter and Coffee Basket under warm water.


Empty the Coffee Basket by tapping it against your garbage/compost can or use a spoon to empty out the grounds.


Separate the two-part filter with light pressure, twist the bottom filter to separate from top filter.



Run the Glass Carafe and Coffee Basket + Smart Filter under hot water. Wash with mild soap as needed

Pop the Filter Ring out and wash in between; Use the cleaning brush to clean inside of the filter and the screens.

We recommend a deeper clean at least once a week of all parts.