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Simpli Press KeepCup - Perfect To-Go Cup For Your Brew


The Press Ritual, Perfected.

Meet Simpli Press, your new favorite brewer.

Flavorful, Smooth Brew. Easy Cleanup.

Micro-Etched Double Filter provides you the smoothest brew.

Coffee Basket lifts up with the Smart Filter for an effortless grounds cleanup.

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Summery of Banefits

Patented System

Innovative meets beautiful design

Customizable Brew

Use a wide range of Coffee Grind from Medium-Fine to Coarse

Multiple Cups

34 Ounce Carafe

One-of-a-Kind Taste

Pour-over smoothness; French press body

No Plastics

BPA Free (All Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Borosilicate Glass)

Maximum Flavor

Brew with light and medium roasts

Easy Cleanup

Coffee Basket

Shorter Brewing Time

3 Minutes, when using Medium Grind

Smoother Brew

Dual Micro-Etched Filter

Premeasured Lines

Easy Coffee: Water ratio measurement

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29 reviews
Best Brew I have ever had out of coffee press.
I broke my carafe
Great tasting coffee, simple to brew
Best French press I've ever used
Best french press ever