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Simpli Press RED

The Press Ritual, Perfected.

Meet Simpli Press, your new favorite brewer.

Flavorful, Smooth Brew. Easy Cleanup.

Micro-Etched Double Filter provides you the smoothest brew.

Coffee Basket lifts up with the Smart Filter for an effortless grounds cleanup.

Summary of Benefits

Patented System

Innovative meets beautiful design

Customizable Brew

Use a wide range of Coffee Grind from Medium-Fine to Coarse

Multiple Cups

34 Ounce Carafe

One-of-a-Kind Taste

Pour-over smoothness; French press body

No Plastics

BPA Free (All Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Borosilicate Glass)

Maximum Flavor

Brew with light and medium roasts

Easy Cleanup

Coffee Basket

Shorter Brewing Time

3 Minutes, when using Medium Grind

Smoother Brew

Dual Micro-Etched Filter

Premeasured Lines

Easy Coffee: Water ratio measurement

Gourmet Coffee, Made Easy

Our patented system of Smart Filter and Coffee Basket works hand in hand to give you the best coffee press experience. Smoother brew. Easier cleanup.

Make each sip count.

Mico-etched double filter system allows the use of medium to medium-fine grounds for a cleaner, tastier brew in just 3 minutes. Customize your brew according to your taste.

Make each moment count.

A convenient coffee grounds removal method! Coffee Basket lifts out with the Smart Filter for effortless, scrape-free disposal of coffee grinds. Doubles as a measuring cup for your coffee.

Discover your best life.

Made of all stainless steel, silicone and glass materials. Preserve your coffee quality and health (the planet’s too). 34 ounce Carafe for multiple cups. Plastic and paper filter free.

Why Simply Press?

Because You Care. A simple change can create a revolution.

★ Reviews

Let customers speak for us

28 reviews
Great tasting coffee, simple to brew

I love the taste of the coffee using this press. The only change would be to have the press be able to make more coffee at one time. The second O-ring worked much better than the first. It make clean up easy and mess free.

Best French press I've ever used

I've long been on a quest to find the perfect French press. Now, thanks to Simpli Press, the quest is over.

Best french press ever

Took a bit of practice, but my first result was already the best coffee I've made so far. The coffee has a full flavour, not bitter or acidic at all. Well worth the wait! I'll experiment more with different grinds and temperatures. I'm very happy with the simpli press!

Terrific Brew

It took me a few days to get my grind, press and water temp right, but now I'm brewing some of the best coffee I've ever tasted.

I finally did receive my simple press. It is esay to use and easy to clean