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And it all starts with your

Morning Ritual And Delicious Coffee

Our founders are everyday coffee lovers like you. It all started with
wanting to drink French press every morning. But between brewing and
cleanup time, it just wasn't possible.

"There has to be a way to get all of those great coffee characteristics: the richness of an espresso, the flavor clarity and smoothness of a pour-over, and the body of a French press from one device and without a messy cleanup," Jenni remembers.

Experimenting for years, we sought to create an innovative French press that could bring out the best flavors in coffee, without the grit and the mess.

After years of testing and brewing all over the US (even winning a New Product Award at Coffee Fest Portland), Simpli Press is here today to empower you.


We are a team of dreamers and doers.

It all starts with dreams and a vision, then add a lot of hard work,
integrity, gratitude, and faith.

That Is Our Recipe In Life

For the planet, for your coffee… for you.

A small treat to yourself.
A tribute to your coffee.
A way to give back.

We feel strongly about supporting & empowering women and children of coffee. For every Simpli Press purchase, we donate 10% of Net profit to charities that improve the living conditions of families in the coffee industry and beyond around the world. After all, we are One.
We welcome you to embark on this journey with us.

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