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Meet Jenni Morse

Founder And Chief Innovator

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Jenni Morse made Simpli Press a reality by pursuing her passion of creating a truly great cup of coffee all while making the world a better place. She worked in the corporate world when her father, an inventor and entrepreneur passed. She decided to follow in his footsteps, quit her corporate career and launch Made Simpli, with its flagship product Simpli Press.

Driven by passion and purpose, Made Simpli is Jenni’s platform to give back and make a difference. She currently resides in San Clemente, Calif. with her husband and two sons.

Meet Simpli Press

Our flagship product is Simpli Press,

French press without the mess.

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Simpli Press combines the timeless qualities of a French press with modern-day innovation to achieve the most flavorful, customizable smooth brew with effortless cleanup.

Get a rich cup of grit-free, home-brewed coffee, in just three minutes.

Get the most

Out Of Your Coffee And Your Time!

We give back 10% of our net profit to women and

children in the coffee industry, as well as those

involved in STEM and entrepreneurship programs.

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Women and children are the backbone of the coffee farming community. It’s our job to protect them and improve both their living conditions.

Only 13% of US patents are granted to women. We work to empower and mentor the next generation of female and youth inventors and entrepreneurs.

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Your Coffee Ritual Can Do More Than Just Wake You Up.