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A Simple, No-Hassle Partnership

Exclusive Dropshipping Opportunity

  • Increase your product offerings without having to carry extra inventory
  • You only pay us once a customer buys from you & we handle the fulfillment for you (returns too)
  • Free Shipping & 30 Day Happiness Guarantee for YOUR customers

Forget About Storage And Shipping

Save so much time and money. Why deal with the hassle of storage & fulfillment when you can just place an order and let us handle the rest. Yes, even returns too.

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Don't deal with the hassle of storage & fulfillment

Save time and money

Meet Simpli Press

Meet Simpli Press

The Press Ritual, Perfected.®

Easy Cleanup

Flavorful, Smooth Taste

Customizable Brew

3 Minute Brew Time

No Plastics

Simpli Press Is On A Mission

To Make Lives More


Simpli Press Is On A Mission

To Make Lives More


There are already thousands of happy coffee lovers brewing with Simpli Press at home.

Now, let's bring it to your community of coffee lovers.
Partnering with Simpli Press means you can confidently support the product you’re selling. Plus, you are leaving the world a better place: 5% of net profit goes back to small coffee farming communities around the world.

How To Simpli Press?

French Press Full-Body Brew. Pour-over Smoothness. Espresso's richness.

Fill & Brew

Fill the Coffee Basket with medium-fine grinds, add hot water, and stir.

Stir & Press

Stir gently and press down after 3 minutes, stopping at the Coffee Basket.

Pour & Press

Pour out some of your brew. Now press firmly into your coffee basket, pour some more, and enjoy your brew.

Lift & Clean

Lift the plunger along with the Smart Filter and the Coffee Basket for easy cleanup!

Be the first

    To Introduce Simpli Press

Whether you cater to coffee lovers, techies, busy professionals, parents, and the average Joe, you get to be one of the first to bring a new, patented product to enhance your buyers’ lives and make their morning ritual more beautiful. We’re excited to welcome you to the Simpli Press family and, as such, we’ve made it our mission to make the Simpli Press Wholesale & Dropshipping Program as easy as possible for you.

What Is The Simpli Press Dropshipping Program?


Your customer places an order from your online store.


You sit back and relax. :)

*Did we mention we will handle the returns as well? Oh-yea!


We ship the order directly to your customer.


You forward the order to Simpli Press. We invoice you, you pay us.
Your store automatically sends the order to SimplI Press when using Spocket.

(This is a subscription-based 3rd party app.)


Simpli Press prepares your customer’s order


Who Doesn’t Love Coffee? Now How About Coffee At Home?

In The National Coffee
Association's 2018 Report

of Americans surveyed had
enjoyed a cup of coffee at home
the day before

Simpli Press saves time from brewing to cleanup

Innovative Coffee Basket

pulls up with Smart Filter for easy disposal of grounds & comes with pre-measured brewing lines.

3 Minutes Flat

when you brew with medium-fine grinds. Rich, smooth coffee in no time! Add in easy cleanup, you got bliss.

Ultrafine Double

brews up a richer, smoother brew & allows you to tailor your brew according to grind & roasts.

No Plastics...

In hot water, Simpli Press is made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and silicone for a clean brew & healthy you.


Bringing Out The Best In Both Of Your Times.

One of the most innovative features of Simpli Press is its unique Coffee Basket and Filter system easy cleanup system. Simpli Press catches the spent grounds in the little container, which lifts up with the Filter. This makes grounds removal oh-so-effortless for composting & disposal.


Your Customers Bring Out The Best In Their Coffee

Did you know Simpli Press is fully customizable and we pride ourselves in the most delicious and smoothest brew (our customers say so). Our double fine-etched filter allows the use of medium-fine grounds and lighter roasts, which we recommend.

"It Looks So Good. It's A Pleasure To Leave Out On The Counter."


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Simpli Press family and, as such, we’ve made it our mission to make the Simpli Press Dropshipping Program as easy as possible for you.


Fill out form & Sign the
Dropshipping Agreement


List Simpli Press on
your website


Market & Sell Simpli
Press To Your Customers

Your Customers Will Thank You

They May Even Think You Are Some Kind Of Coffee SuperHero!
At Least, We Do. :)


“Simpli Press not only makes one of the best cups of coffee I've tasted (I've tasted a lot around the world using several methods), but helped make the clean up really easy!”

Joshua M.

“Simpli Press has helped to bring the insider ritual of cupping to the consuming world through their brew method. It takes the age-old immersion method and allows the coffee clarity to say what it has to say.”

Tyler Duncan
Lab Manager @ Topeca Coffee
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