Simpli Press

Simpli Press

The Press Ritual Perfected®

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Meet Simpli Press

Simpli Press

The Press Ritual Perfected®

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More Details and Features

Size: 34 Ounces

Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone, And Borosilicate Glass.

Dishwasher Safe

Patented & Innovative

10% of Net Profit Goes Back To Empowering Women and Girls in Coffee & STEM.

  • Customizable, Flavorful Brew
  • Free Of Grit - Smooth Brew
  • Easy Cleanup
  • 3 Minute Brew Time
  • Pre-measured brewing lines
  • No Plastics
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How To Simpli Press

French Press Full-Body Brew.
Pour-over Smoothness. Espresso's Richness.

Fill & Brew

Fill the Coffee Basket with medium-fine grinds and add hot water.

Stir & Press

Stir gently and press down after 3 minutes, stopping at the Coffee Basket.

Pour & Press

Pour some brew. Press firmly into your Coffee Basket & pour out the rest.

Lift & Clean

Lift the Smart Filter and the Coffee Basket for easy grounds removal! 

Experience Everyday Bliss

Simpli Press saves time from brewing to cleanup, while giving you a richer, smoother brew.

Effortless Cleanup

Coffee Basket
pulls up with Filter for easy disposal of grounds. Filter snaps apart for a quick rinse.

Fast Brew

3 Minutes Flat
when you brew with medium-fine grinds. Premeasured lines for fast grounds-to-water ratio.

Happy Tastebuds

Ultrafine Double Filter
to customize your coffee and for a smooth brew. Try a wide range of roasts and grinds.


Paper & Plastic-Free
Made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, & silicone. Clean brew and clean you.

Media Mentions

One of the coolest part about Simpli Press that I love is that it uses filters typically found in espresso machines {...} What results

from the whole process of filtering said beans is a rich, smooth tasting cup of coffee. The kind that keeps me out of bed in the morning

Simpli Press as a way to bridge competing desires in coffee consumption: quality and ease.

Not only does this revolutionary press remove grimy sediments that come from French Press brewing due to too-small

grinds, it is also seriously easy to clean due to it's special vessel container.